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Franklin Global Partners, LTD
Our experts enable companies to be the disruptors, not the disrupted

Based in metropolitan New York City, Franklin Global Partners, LTD is a business investment and advisory group focused on helping clients increase their capitalization and  achieve higher total return from their business interests.  Whether you are operating or acquiring a business or are interested in locating investors or capital for an existing business, Franklin Global Partners, LTD can help you enhance your Business Return.


Business Advisory Services


Franklin Global Partners, LTD is experienced in a wide variety of strategic business disciplines. Its advisors are experienced in a sizable number of transactions including: mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and capitalization for both  the public and private marketplaces.

Transaction Oversight and Facilitation  

If you are selling or buying a business, Franklin Global Partners, LTD can oversee all aspects of the combination, acquisition or divestiture and help you identify the most cost effective legal, accounting and tax advisors to ensure solid professional advice and better overall return from your transaction.  FGP's Transaction Advisory practice can help properly plan your exit or growth strategy, regardless which side of a business transaction your company participates.


Financial and Strategic Planning 

If projecting or maintaining capital availability for your business is a challenge, let Franklin Global Partners, LTD analyze your business activity to determine the most appropriate actions to promote long-term success. Is it difficult to determine what product lines or activities are valued-added versus profit starved?  FGP's experience with investigational due diligence can help you prioritize your resources appropriately for better financial return.  FGP's Financial Advisory practice has years of successful financial management experience in a variety of industries. 

Franklin Global Partners, LTD

Franklin Global Partners, LTD does not provide retail brokerage or equity trading services and is not a member of any security industry regulatory organization.  Contact your financial advisor if you are in need of such services.


  • Capital Advisory

  • Management Consultant

  • Capital Structure

  • Business Purchases & sales

  • Crowdfunding

  • Valuations and Due Diligence

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